Best Management Software Tools for Remote Working

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Companies around the world are increasingly harnessing the power of remote working to drive performance and stay competitive in the modern business domain.

Besides new flexibility and agility, the idea of a global office space greatly broadens the talent hire pool, unlocking limitless potential for firms to source the talent they need.

With fewer requirements for office space, overheads can be brought down. Furthermore, the freedoms granted through operating remotely can boost morale internally while giving the company an attractive outward complexion in the eyes of younger, more mobile-minded workforce.

However, if the remote working dream is to be realised then management and communication must be perfect. In turn, managers need the right tools for this to happen, some of which we examine in more detail below.


Trello is a simple-to-use project management platform which uses visual appeal to project a user-friendly vibe between bosses and workers alike.

Intuitive ‘cards’ and ‘boards’ are stacked vertically and can be colour-coordinated to list projects and sub-tasks, each of which can be detailed with time-stamped project descriptions; progress reports; user comments; attachments from a variety of sources, and deadline dates.

Simple categories such as ‘To do’, ‘Doing’ and ‘Done’ can be created to overarch entire projects, granting all users a general view of how operations are panning out, while a client-side board enables swift and seamless transfer of completed documents.


A highly versatile cloud-based file sharing platform, Dropbox enables file uploads that can be accessed from other devices through either a Dropbox app or a web-browser. Team folders can also be set up so that all relevant parties can edit or view critical documents, videos and images.

Functionality runs throughout Dropbox, with added peace of mind brought through its syncing to all devices at all times plus data restore features, which provide essential backup.

Dropbox is free for storage of up to 2GB, but this can be elevated to 500GB per month through paid subscription. Dropbox for businesses comes with galvanised security and a start point of 1,000GB storage.


Team Viewer is another user-friendly, free, remote access platform that’s packed with innovative features, and operates smoothly across devices.

No alterations to the router or firewall configurations are needed to install TeamViewer, which supports video; voice and text messaging, and multiple file transfers. Usefully, the platform can be used to reboot a computer from a remote location, putting it into safe mode in preparation for secure reconnection.

For hosts, TeamViewer’s versatility means it can connect seamlessly with Mac, Linux or Windows computers, while clients can also connect through the full gamut of portable devices; phones or web browsers can be used to remotely control computers as a result.

Other features include the capacity to share one application window with another user, as opposed to the entire desktop, and the ability to use a local printer to print from a remote location.


This project management platform takes little time to master and offers superb facilities to plan, resource and report throughout all management processes.

It is highly customisable, making it suitable to most business environments, while Clarizen’s high performance enables it to cater to the large part of top-end enterprise requirements.

The latest version allows for advanced reporting, conditional formatting, resource load improvement and additional data-analysis capabilities. While the lowest grade package (professional) can be purchased for $30, enterprise and unlimited packages deliver huge levels of support, customisable dashboards and increased data quotas.

The tools and the talent

Project management apps have become essential components of modern enterprise, allowing bosses to monitor and collaborate in real-time with any number of colleague and clients, irrespective of location.

When efficient project management is dovetailed with a cutting edge IT infrastructure, managers can equip themselves with the software and support necessary to galvanise their teams and position for business growth.




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