Enterprise Mobility: How Business is Accelerating with the Times

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Mobile devices are increasingly defining the way we live our lives, influencing our opinions on all things from where we go on holiday to what we choose to eat.

Beyond helping us order our recreational lives, electronic gadgets have also become a driving force in modern business, paradoxically enabling workforces to get closer together while being physically further apart.

Below we look at four key ways in which enterprise mobility makes huge sense in a 21st century world.

What a way to make a living

Working 9-5 is an antiquated concept thanks to the evolution of technology and the enterprise mobility it has created. With solid mobile policies and procedures in place, companies can empower their staff and teams to work as effectively at home or abroad as within the confines of a firm’s HQ.

When built upon a foundation of cloud-technology, enterprise mobility can be leveraged to full effect to bring new levels of productivity. Employees stand to gain far more flexibility in how, when and where they work thanks to full network access and endpoint protection on their personal devices.

Moving forward as one

Good business depends on good communication and collaboration, both of which are strengthened by robust enterprise mobility. Dedicated tools and technologies exist that are engineered to maximise efficiency and innovation in a way that enables teams to get more done in less time.

A fully-mobile workforce can switch from project to project seamlessly, sharing documents and editing files on-the-go. The traditional board meeting with all its inherent inefficiencies, gets a revolutionary overhaul with mobility-promoting technology; online video and audio conference capabilities dovetail with multi-host file sharing to create a collaborative and far more effective space in which to get things tasks ticked off.


Integrating enterprise mobility into an outsourced data storage solution enables firms to take advantage of automation services and the multiple business benefits that they bring.

Algorithm technology steps in to take care of those repetitive tasks that traditionally weigh heavily on personnel, time and money, allowing firms to reallocate those resources to more mission-critical concerns.

Automation also avoids costly instances of human error, creating far faster and more reliable processes and galvanising business on administrative levels.

Seamless delivery

The electronic ecosystem that enterprise mobility creates drastically reduces paperwork, which has knock-on space- and money-saving benefits. Furthermore, the usual office slow-downs of transferring and checking documents, working on projects and analysing data become faster and more efficient, granting a more effective workflow.

Response times improve, not only internally, but also between the team and their clients and customers, enabling queries to be dealt with in real-time, the slowest speed acceptable in today’s marketplace.

Tomorrow starts today

Bosses that fail to engage with enterprise mobility risk burying their heads in the sand to the evolution of progress. With more mobile, flexible working practices, enterprises stand to improve across the board, from the ability to get daily jobs done quicker and more intelligently, to the long-term ability of the company to grow and scale securely.

When partnered with a reputable IT industry, companies can deploy new IT infrastructures to specifically match mobility requirements. Speak to Dell EMC today for a consultation on the best solution for your needs at a budget-friendly price.




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