Leaders Must Make Waves to Cope with Digital Disruption

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There’s no getting away from the digital transformation that is sweeping global business; it touches every layer of modern enterprise, from how data is stored and handled, to how colleagues interact on a daily basis.

To leaders who are still uncertain as to what all the fuss is about, or to those reluctant to dip more than a toe into the waters of digital enlightenment, transformation is indeed disruptive, but its benefits are so undeniable that those who do not dive in risk being left high and dry.

Below we break down some of the more complex aspects of digital transformation and highlight the enormous good each element brings to how workforces do business today.


As a modern business compass, data is now being produced, analysed and acted upon to an unprecedented degree. In today’s enterprise domain, SMEs and multinationals alike are able to react to market fluctuations and customer demands in real time, deepening understanding and allowing innovation to soar.

In this climate, disruption may occur as those nearest data decisions may find themselves leveraging more important choices, potentially taking power away from individuals with more industry experience but less knowledge about modern methods.

Tools of the digital trade

Global companies are finding Microsoft Office 365 to be a huge disruptor effecting positive change within their digital transformation journeys. With cloud-based programming spearheading their strategy, Microsoft Office 365 is reaching out and meeting firms half way as IT infrastructures are overhauled to optimise for Millennium 2.1.

Teams stand to benefit hugely from the efficiencies and transparency 365 brings to collaboration, including the ability to lock down one master document or project file which can then be edited by numerous parties in real-time. The capacity to receive latest upgrades means all relevant team members stay up-to-date without Office having to be uninstalled and then reinstalled on everyone’s devices.

Workforce mobility

Perhaps the most obviously tangible disruption brought by digital transformation relates to how, when and where professionals work, which in turn is spelling an end to the traditional office concept.

Cloud-based infrastructures are providing a foundation for the proliferation of BYOD (bring your own device) culture in enterprise, which can invigorate workforces with flexibility, higher levels of morale and increased productivity.

Better connected

Digital disruption is not limited to business internals: customers and clients alike will feel empowered by the improved connectivity that brands can establish.

Transformation has huge implications for how firms reach out to target markets, with mobile presence holding great potential for consolidating old business and creating new leads. In modern enterprise, customers expect a 24/7 offering from their favourite labels and the organisations they work with. Digital transformation is the pathway to exceeding expectations with optimised delivery and response times.

A new wave of opportunity

Digital is disruptive, and as it continues to be embraced by global enterprise, fundamental change will be effected across every facet of business. A certain fear-factor is therefore understandable when leaders are faced with the prospect of technological overhaul with the entire running of a business at stake.

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