How to Optimise Exchange Server Performance

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Such is the power of the email in business communication today, any downtime of email applications has the potential to seriously disrupt all organisations at all levels.

While challenges have largely stemmed from the need for systems to remain fully functioning at peak times, a perfect response lies in Microsoft Exchange – a robust email infrastructure that will future-proof your firm’s communications from top to bottom.  

Below, we outline how this invaluable tool can be optimised to accelerate business performance in a lasting way.


Disk space can run low if Exchange storage disks are not accurately set up, resulting in restrictions on email volume. To offset this risk, specialists should be aware of disk space in advance before email space is assigned to users.

Strategising disk storage for Exchange server is important because disk latency can hinder performance. Choosing the right RAID configuration, deploying high-performance disks and spindles, and correct disk alignment will also contribute to optimised storage capacities.

Mailbox challenges

Larger businesses with many users need to be aware of configuring mailbox sizes, and should enable alerts to be put in place for when thresholds are nearing their limit.

If users find they are unable to receive or send emails, it may be because their allocated mailbox quota has been exceeded. Attachments can be moved or archives can be set up to reduce the size of the mailbox, but this, in turn, should be monitored to make sure that all users have access to their original allocation.

Temporary or limited contract members of staff hired by a company can often be given mailboxes which can sit unused for extended periods after those temporary individuals have moved on. Deleting these accounts will grant more storage and boost database capacity.

Mailbox database

Detailed knowledge of the mailbox database capacity is essential to administrators’ understanding of the mailbox database size, which in turn informs the number of mailboxes that can be deployed in any one database.

If certain teams are reliant on email sharing and large attachments, these groups can be shifted to another database to meet load and capacity requirements. Database size will also provide an approximate number of mailboxes that can be deployed.

Information on message and attachment size, together with details on the amount of data that can be sent and received, can be obtained from transaction logs for user mailboxes.

Avoid indexing

Resources and performance power can become depleted when public folders are indexed. This index only increases as a higher number of emails come into the mailbox.

An index will already take up a sizeable chunk of a 5GB mailbox, in part because your email will be indexed separately to each public folder. IT administrators should, therefore, apply indexing only to certain departments or silos, at the risk of encountering resource congestion.

A seamless Exchange service

Exchange server can be tricky for those with limited time and resources to deal with problems when they arise.

To aid the troubleshooting, diagnosis and solution processes, administrators are advised to start laying the foundations to top-level performance at the earliest opportunity. Controls on unwanted mail and sound backup protocols should provide a platform to consistently high performance in the long-term.

Leveraging the expertise of a proven industry authority, bosses can transition to a state-of-the-art Microsoft Exchange environment with an infrastructure to maximise operational efficiency in a cost-effective way.

With Dell EMC as your guide, companies benefit from proven methodologies to guarantee a successful migration that will open up all capabilities and features of Microsoft Exchange.




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