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virtualisationBorlänge Kommun is a local authority situated in Dalarna, Sweden. It’s responsible for a lot of the area’s services, including education and healthcare. These critical services are delivered to 48,000 residents. The authority wanted to deliver a greater level of service to its residents, but this was going to be a challenge due to fixed and decreasing budgets in various areas. Birgit Jusola, IT Administrator at Borlänge Kommun, says: “To support an IT infrastructure that delivers great services and value to residents, we need a cost-effective way of maintaining our IT infrastructure.”

Dell Financial Services (DFS) have been working with Borlänge Kommun to deliver improved services within a designated budget. The local authority has rolled out new desktops and laptops across its schools and office buildings over recent years. It’s also virtualised its central data centre with a combination of Dell servers and VMware® server virtualisation software. Jusola says: “Dell means many things to Borlänge Kommun. It means reliability and high performance in terms of IT solutions, and responsive services. We’re improving our services year-on-year with the support of Dell.” The residents of Borlänge are getting greater value from the authority because its IT systems can deliver services that are efficient and cost-effective.

The main project for the development of IT at Borlänge Kommun was virtualising its biggest data centre. “We’ve virtualised our IT systems on Dell technology by working with DFS. Through virtualisation, we’ve been able to maximise availability, ensuring a better service to taxpayers,” says Jusola. One example of this is the improvement of the authority’s disaster recovery. If the physical host servers have any issues, the virtual machines can be moved to other hosts with ease and without downtime. Jusola says: “People visiting our offices and using our website will find that their inquiries are answered promptly because of the constant availability of our virtualised Dell solution.”

IT personnel have constant support from Dell consultants and technicians to help plan and deploy solutions quickly and efficiently. Examples include rollouts of more than 1,000 client devices in a single project. Jusola says: “We make sure that our plans stay on schedule and within budget by working with Dell Services. We’ve worked with Dell Project Managers a number of times to coordinate the activities of multiple teams on large projects. It helps us keep down costs and deliver greater value to residents.”

As well as serving the local community, Borlänge Kommun is contributing to the growing movement towards greener practice. The authority continues to improve its technology safe in the knowledge that old desktops and laptops are disposed of in accordance with European environmental standards. The authority uses Dell Asset Resale and Recycling Services, in this case IT Asset Lease Return-Offsite Wipe and Processing. This service offers a secure way to dispose of old equipment that is both convenient and environmentally friendly. Jusola says: “We make sure that all data is wiped from the machines and then Dell and DFS take them away to be recycled. It’s a really cost effective way of meeting our sustainable working goals.”

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